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Let's Play Hockey

By CHC, 09/04/20, 8:45AM EDT


Email your local representatives

Hi everyone,

As we all hope for the season to kick off, we wanted to highlight that the AAHA just put out the below link on their social media account asking for people to write in to their local representative to LET THE KIDS PLAY!  We feel this type of effort makes a difference and encourage everyone take the time to help the cause. 

The link below creates the letter template and it only takes a few minutes to  complete.  You include your name and address and the letter is directed to the appropriate representative once you click “send”.  The site includes some bullet point suggestions to include in your letter.

Hoping that the more we are heard, the quicker the approval will come.  Below is a sample email that was sent recently.   Thanks for your help.  

CHC Board


Dear Senator XXXXX, 

I am a [NJ TOWN] resident who is writing in hopes of permitting the youth hockey program in NJ to start ASAP in accordance with the plan submitted by the Atlantic District to the Governor's Office. The plan would exempt team personnel and game officials from the overall number of people allowed in an ice rink at once.

The National Federation of State High School Associations has classified ice hockey as a moderate risk sport for Covid-19 transmission. USA Hockey has provided scientific research that indicates players spend less than 3 seconds in close proximity to another player, and less than 3 minutes total during the entire course of a game. You should be aware of the following facts / figures:

An ice hockey rink is 200- by 85-feet: that's 17,000 square feet of space just in the playing surface, with the overall averaging 25,000 Square feet.

Under current restrictions in PA, NJ and DE, other more riskier sports are able to fully resume, in much smaller buildings.

50 people in a rink means 500 square feet per person. This is WAY more than restaurants, gyms, entertainment facilities, tattoo parlors, and more. This is also way more space per person than all other sports.

I understand that there are many factors going into the decision, but I am hoping that your consideration of the facts will serve to expedite approval.

Thank you for your time,