Rink Procedures

Last Updated: October 19, 2020

Flyers Skate Zone – Game Restrictions / Guidelines

1)          Visiting teams must provide their USA Hockey Roster 48 hours prior to the game to the home team manager and notify the manager of any players who will not be attending.

2)           All players, coaches, refs and managers (Home & Visiting) must print and pre-fill out and sign COVID-19 Questionnaire and bring to the rink and hand it in to the Flyers Youth Team Manager.  The questionnaire is attached to this email.

3)           Temperature check upon entering the building.

4)            No spectators allowed.

5)           Players should be fully dressed before entering the building, we recommend skate guards to be worn from car to the building if possible.

6)           All players, coaches, managers and refs must wear mask at all times unless on the ice.

7)          Players must enter the rink fully dress, with the exception of skates, helmet, and gloves.

8)           There will be no locker rooms available for use at this time – there will be a designated area for the players to put on skates.

9)           Teams are allowed to enter 15 minutes prior to the game start time only and must exit the rink immediately following their game (Players may only remove skates, gloves and helmets prior to exiting the rink)

10)        All spectators and players in the parking lot must adhere to social distancing and mask guidelines