Rink Procedures

1. Teams are permitted in the building no earlier than 15 minutes prior their scheduled ice time

2. EVERYONE ENTERING THE BUILDING MUST BE PROPERLY WEARING A FACE MASK. All teams must submit rosters to the front desk of the Middletown Sports Complex prior to any player or staff member entering the building. This is to assure all people get temp checked (see #4 below)

3. All teams must enter through the main lobby – Rink 1 and use the Main Parking Lot on Harmony Road

4. Upon entering the lobby, all guests must have their temperature taken at the front desk

5. All guests must complete a COVID-19 Waiver form, either scanning in the QR code at the front office or clicking on the following link: https://bit.ly/3mcaD1W

6. Parents and spectators are prohibited from entering Rink 1 or Rink 2 with the exception of tying skates for mites and squirts. THERE ARE NO SPECTATORS ALLOWED DURING THE GAMES ON EITHER RINK

7. All mite, squirt and peewee players (8U-12U) must come completely dressed in equipment with the exception of skates. All bantam and midget players may come half dressed (bottoms)

8. In rink 1, the visiting team will be able to get skates on in the right-hand corner of the top of the rink while the home team will have room in the left-hand corner. Chairs and bleachers will be available.

9. The same process will take place in rink 2 with the right-hand corner of the rink for the away team to get skates on and left-hand corner for the home team.

10. Once ice time begins on either Rink 1 or Rink 2, ALL players must take their equipment bags to their respective bench

11. Upon the completion of the game on Rink 1 or Rink 2, players are to take their equipment bags and remove their skates where they initially tied them or on the turf field outside between rinks 1 and 2.

12. After taking off the skates, players are to exit the building immediately through the main entrance 13. All players and coaches must wear a face mask while dressing and undressing and exiting the rink(s). 14. All coaches must wear a mask on the bench

15. Hand Sanitizer will be available by the scorer’s table in both rinks for essential game personnel to use when needed.