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COVID-19 Information From The Club

COVID-19 Resources

The purpose of this page is to provide updated information on the guidance/information the club gets for the upcoming season.  We are trying to keep this page as up to date as we can.  So please check back often.

Links To Waivers (Rinks and others)

Below are links to waivers from various rinks and/or venues.  These must be signed prior to each player playing at the respective facility.  Players will NOT be able to fill out the waivers at the rink.  They MUST fill out in advance of the first practice/game.   If a player isn't on the updated list at the rink, they will not be able to skate.   Anyone who waits until the last minute runs the risk of not being able to play or practice.  These are rink policies that we don't control so please have everyone do this in advance of the first practice. They are listed Alphabetically.